Privacy Policy

Privacy policy –


Prayaanam respects your privacy and identifies the need to protect the individual data such as name, address, and telephone number, e-mail ID you share with us. We would like to give assurance that we maintain certain standards when it comes to securing your privacy on our website.

In general, you can visit without telling us your identity or give any individual data about yourself. We will track the Internet address of the domains from which people visit us and finding this information for trends and statistics, but the website visitors remain anonymous.  

We request you to go through our Privacy Policy and feel comfortable with it. We like to inform you that we do not reveal or sell customers’ data to third parties. If you don't mind take note of that we survey our Privacy Policy every once in a while, and we may roll out changes to the policy.

Personal information

When browsing our Website, we take your browsing data. Our core object in doing as such is to give you a good experience. This makes us offer required services that most likely to meet all your travel needs. Moreover, our Website assures you that your experience more secure and simpler. We gather individual data from you that we consider vital for accomplishing this reason.

Making a booking

In order to hire a car/bus/ truck through our website, you are supposed to provide us needed information like your name, mobile number, credit card billing address and your personal e-mail ID. We take your personal information to confirm your reservation and transaction. We would inform of each transaction’s status through your e-mail ID and send SMS to a mobile number.

Member profile

As a site partner, you can finish your online profile by furnishing us with travel inclinations, credit card billing information, address, and other individual data. This data is basically used to help you to have reservation quickly without typing same data repeatedly. For instance, you can store your residential address so that when you make a booking, we may consequently pre - fill the residential address input box for you by a click of a button.



When you become a registered member of, you should give your name, address, phone number, email address, login name, and password. This data is gathered in registered form for a few reasons. Your information is to get in touch with you for customer service purposes. As a prayaanam site member, you will get updates from us about special offers, promotions, new launches, and other important things regarding travels. If you don’t like to receive any updates, you can opt out of receiving promotional e-mails.


We at value your comments, feedback, and opinions so we would conduct online surveys. It is your choice you participate. Whatever the information, as and when we receive, we contemplate and endeavor to improve our standards for offering better services to customers.

Deals sponsors amazing deals to its customers to win incredible travel related prizes. Data gathered by us for such activities might include contact data and survey questions. We utilize contact data to inform contest winners and survey info to have better developments to our site.


Currently, we don’t use any cookies and in near future, we might use it for offering better services to our customers. When we come out with cookies in our official website, we will make sure the changes in our privacy policy to inform you the same.


Every now and then we may add or make chances to our site. To the degree these services are given and utilized by you, we use the data you give to offer the services that you frequently ask questions. For instance, if you email us with a question, we will utilize your email address, name, nature of the question, we would reply.

Say ‘NO’ to receive promotional e-mails

You can unsubscribe at any time from receiving promotional e-mails. As a member of our website, you will once in a while get email updates from us regarding special offers and deals in your city.  We believe that these updates are interesting and exciting. If you are not interested in receiving these updates, you click the unsubscribe link and send a mail to us so that you would no longer receive emails.

Safeguard to protect your personal information

Payments at prayaanam through CC Avenue are secured. This website has been developed with high-end technology to avoid online scams. We do make necessary changes to keep our customers to have safe transactions all the time.

Personal information about privacy

Prayaanam contains links to other sites. Please take a note that when you click the link, it takes you to another website for which we are not responsible. We request you to go through privacy and policy. You are the responsible for all going into wrong directions so please be careful and avoid such links. may disclose our site members information if required to do all things considered by law, court orders, as requested by other government authorities, or in the immense certainty conviction that exposure is by and large imperative or fitting including, without limitation, to secure the rights or properties of or any or majority of its individuals, representatives, delegates, officers or when we have reason to trust that revealing the information is critical to perceive, contact or bring legal action against somebody who may bring about impedance with our rights or properties, paying little mind to whether deliberately or something else, or when whatever other individuals could be harmed by such activities.

This policy is effective as of may 05, 2017. Any material changes in the way utilizes individual data will be described in future adaptations of this Privacy Statement.